Ok, so the art work was amazing! Without the illustrations, my rating would have been at least one star lower. And I will probably buy a full copy of this when it comes out, if only for the art work.

On a side note: I understand why they had the watermark over the top of the pages, to stop people from distributing it illegally, but it did make it hard to read the writing sometimes, and stopped us from being able to truly appreciate some of the full page images.
It would have been more bearable if the watermark had only appeared on every fifth or tenth page, instead of EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Or maybe if it had been a touch more transparent. Anyway, that won't affect those of you purchasing it, so back to the main review.

The story seemed not sure where to situate itself. It wasn't deep, serious, and compelling like The Walking Dead. It didn't have characters we could relate to, or people we were worried about not surviving.

When the characters of The Other Dead did die, it was sudden, but not a shock.
I didn't find myself reeling at anyone's death, and at one point actually had to go back and find the "death scene" after they said they couldn't believe he was dead, and I was all "What now? When did that happen?" The death scene was there, in all of its two frames, but it failed to register with me at all.

It was a fun read, it was a quick read, but if it hadn't have been such a quick read, I don't know that I would have stuck around. Something I read because it was there, not because I was desperate to know the outcome. A little like an Archie comic, but with better illustrations.

The reason for the zombie animals was very... B grade horror movie. Not dissimilar to the one where a group of island party-goers find an old book and read from it, starting a zombie outbreak on the island. So silly that the only thing that helps is laughing at it.
And, given that the ritual that brought about the zombie animals was directly tied to Jude, I would have expected (view spoiler)

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