The Journeys begin with genetically special teenage Time Travelers watching the creation of human art. Next, is a memoir by an American Air Force Officer's daughter during her family's new life in England.
The first of the three travel essays has airline flights of misdirections, tense stopovers, and compassionate agents. Paris in spring is the place and time to trek classical streets and experience the passionate mystique of the Louvre. A scientist takes his family to Turkey to stand in the midday shadow of the moon, and taste the culture of his heritage.

The anthology returns to America, to Centreville, a fictional small town where a regular person becomes a celebrity when she mysteriously decides to pack up and leave. In closing, a Peninsula writer walks into his horror novel's English neighborhood seeking inspiration from his muse, a vampire. Interwoven are poems by the Bloc's young poet who writes of the seasons of life and vampires.

This collection of essays, poems, and stories sweep the reader along on adventures through time, space, fact, and imagination.

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