by Jon C. Cook
What scares you?
Is it Ghosts? Zombies? The Unknown? The Dark? Maybe it's a combination of things. Whether we like to admit our fears or not, there is something that scares us and sometimes we don't even know what it is ourselves until it is right there in front of us.
Why do we tell stories intended to scare us? Is it to comfort ourselves in the knowledge that “this could never happen”? Maybe we like to be scared because to fear is to be reminded that you are alive … for now. Whatever the reason, fright and suspense are ingrained within us so deeply that we simply cannot resist knowing what is behind that locked door, or lurking in that dark forest, or creeping just out of sight.
With Wicked Words, Wicked Wordsmiths of The West introduce themselves along with an exploration of the fears and terrors we all possess. Each story within represents an attempt to tap into the horrors around us, be they real or imagined … be they before our eyes, or inside our hearts.
Read these wicked words if you dare, but understand that as you do, you may be inching ever closer to that one thing that terrifies you. The question is this: Once you know, can you ever hide that fear away again?