Wilderness Survival
The Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Survival – Includes Survival Strategies For Food, Water, Shelter And Fire

Survival has always been a staple component of our existence. It covers everything from knowing how to find food and water, to even the simplest tasks like how to make a shelter to keep you warm at night. Wilderness survival is an adaptive term that depends heavily on a number of coinciding circumstances – for example, if you are stuck in the Australian desert, the means of surviving the elements may differ quite a bit from someone who finds themselves in the rocky and rugged Canadian wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.

This book is designed to give a cursory examination of some tried, tested, and reliable means of survival – but it is important to note that the specific means of sustaining one’s self will invariably change depending on location. It is the responsibility of any outdoor enthusiast to make themselves familiar with the local ecology (including but not limited to flora and fauna).

Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Hunting and trapping techniques Water-harvesting, water-stills, and sails Emergency wilderness First Aid Natural shelter building

All of these, when combined, will give you a significant advantage, whether you’re planning a multi-week venture in the mountains, or are just out for a day-hike with the family.

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