Like many authors, I've held far too many jobs. My most favorite was not really a job, but a volunteer position as the seneschal of the SCA Canton of St. David's at UC Santa Cruz. My least favorite was being a taxi driver. Today I am very happy being the publisher at Genius Book Publishing. Who knows what the future will bring?

I have earned a BA in Economics/Business with a minor in Medieval History from UC Santa Cruz, an MBA in Nonprofit Management from the University of Judaism (now called American Jewish University), and a Masters in Teaching from National University. I consider myself heavily over-educated (which is not necessarily the best thing to be), but still have aspirations to get a PhD in my 60s and write a book on the history of deregulation in the United States. What's that got to do with zombies, I have no idea.

I have collaborated on every published project I have, and I really admire and appreciate my collaborators. I do have aspirations to publish solo projects, and I am currently working on a YA thriller that may actually see the light of day. I also plan to write short stories and novels in the future, but one project at a time.

I have been married for 14 years (in March 2014) to a wonderful and brilliant woman, Leya Booth. She is a genius—hence the name of my company—and she also works from home, so I get to see her all day, every day, which is all I could hope for. We are proud humans owned by a couple of cats. You'll see pictures occasionally at my personal page.