The Book Review


This novel is based on a movie-style video game starring Mark Hamill. The game was one that allowed the player multiple choices regarding many plot turns. I liked the game, hence my reading of the book. (Format: Paperback).

Chapter One - The Negatives

The biggest problem i found was some major deviations from the original material. As a fan of the game, a game that has so many different choices as far as plot goes, i found it baffling that the author would choice to change certain elements completely. Other than the main character, not many others are given much growth or development. And considering that the galactic war was 30 years old with the extinction of the human race at hand, the storyline never felt really epic. And finally i'd have to say that overall the space combat scenes were a bit boring and become a bit of a chore to read.

Chapter Two - The Positives

A couple scenes were nicely written, showing more depth than its video game counterpart.

Chapter Three - Best Character

Col Blair. Thats easy money right there. Maniac was cool too.

Chapter Four - Biggest Highlight

Hmmm really it was just the moments from the game that were given a bigger spotlight.


This book was a bit of a mixed bag. Its source material was a fantastic plot-driven video game so the book already had a solid base to rely on. The book felt boring in places and made some unneeded plot changes which hurt the overall enjoyment. Solid story that could of been executed much better.


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