I enjoyed "White Horse" byCynthia D.Grant, because it deals a lot with drug addictions. The book is about a girl named Raina that had a very terrible childhood. Heroine has been a constant problem in Raina's life. Raina gets kicked out her mother's house and lives on the streets with her junkie boyfriend, Sonny. Sonny gets hits by a car and dies before Raina finds out she is pregnant with his child. Raina is still mourning is death and doesn't want to believe she's pregnant. She continues to use drugs, drink, and smoke cigarettes throughout her pregnancy. She opens up to her teacher, Ms.Johnson. After not being able to stay at the shelter anymore, Raina writes Ms.Johnson a long letter asking her to take her baby. Ms.Johnson agrees to take the baby only if Raina will let her adopt both her and the baby.

The book is told through the first person point of view of both Raina and Ms.Johnson. The book switches back and forth between their stories throughout the book. Raina's character mourns the death of her boyfriend while hiding her pregnancy. Ms.Johnson's character views life very negatively after her recent divorce from her husband and not being able to conceive a child. Raina is a very nice girl that hasn't been dealt the best cards in her life. Ms.Johnson is a very considerate person that is going through a hard time.

"White Horse" takes place on the streets where Raina lives or in a homeless shelter during modern times. The setting is important to the story because it shows her battle against being homeless, pregnant, and a drug addict. The time period is significant because many of today's teenagers face the same problems Raina had.

There are a lot of themes in "White Horse," but the main one is bettering yourself. Raina deals with getting sober, taking care of her baby, and going back to school.

I would recommend "White Horse" to eighth grade and beyond because some of the subject matter is more mature. Both males and females would enjoy this book even though the main character is a pregnant female.