This is a story about everything and nothing.

It will strike both fear and wry grin into the heart of every governmental worker – if only through sheer truth.

It’s the story that’s not a story. It’s our lives. Seemingly held together by a judicial word, some red tape, and a lot of hot air. It’s about realities that run into each other, interim arrangements that become permanent and certainties that disintegrate without deference to cause and effect. In an age given to celebrating conversation, Reality Is A Moving Target is a dialogue between the inner life of an unreliable narrator and the unbelievable narratives of the world.

Australia is a nation in thrall to grand narratives and visionary designs, intent on advancing its claims as a regional leader. Our narrator, Ray Nero, is a spare man in the justice bureaucracy and a bit of a mystery, even to himself. Amongst the government white noise, realities become evident – varieties of which are chosen to be accepted by the singular or majority. Or not.

David Ward’s brilliant literary masterpiece shows elements of Joseph Heller and Tom Wolfe, casting acerbic commentary on the political machinations of today. This radical debut of talent promises both delight and despair. Imminently topical, understated, punchy. You won’t forget it.

To hell, and on.

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