SUBMISSION to my Billionaire Lord
Billionaire Magnus Lord has chosen the Chicago partnership where lovely young Tanya White works as his new law firm, and. The tall, commanding billionaire’s chiseled good looks and piercing eyes set all the female hearts racing on his arrival. Tanya is summoned to the conference room, but Magnus Lord storms out.

He then subjects her to an ordeal of exquisite and excruciating
corrections, testing and stretching her will and restraint to her limits of endurance and beyond. He forces her to submit to him, and to suffer pain and humiliation at his hands. She realises that she must do anything that he commands. Anything. And she only wants more. But will he give it to her, and can she take it?

WARNING: This 9,500 word story contains lengthy, detailed, explicit and graphic scenes of many varieties of extremely adult activities. It is suitable ONLY for readers aged 18+.
ALL characters portrayed are aged over 18 years.

"Will you trust me?"

The words terrified me. Terrified me because I had no idea, not the slightest clue what I was agreeing to, but more because the answer has already been given. I nodded as he asked the question and inside I knew, come what may, that I would trust him. He said,

"Something cold," and, between my breasts slipped a hard, freezing thing. My body jolted and, even though I kept my mouth tight shut and held onto my breath as hard as I could, the jolt pushed a little squeal through my throat. Soon the ice perched between my shaking breasts was dripping, leaking tiny, freezing rivers over my breasts, down the crevice between them, down my stomach and on, down. Everywhere it reached, I shuddered. My will was concentrated on controlling the reactions, but my mind thought ahead, too. 'Something cold,' would have a companion, a follower. His voice warned me, barely a moment before…