Lilly is not the same girl that discovered Neveah in search of her mother. She is a woman, a mother, a wife and she is determined to stop the darkness that is flooding the once vibrant Neveah. The land is wilting and it's precious fey are faltering. Lilly has to find a way to forgive Shep, her husband and soul mate, if they are to win the war and be a family. With courage and determination they gather the Specials of Neveah and prepare them for war.

Jax and Kelsha crave power, revenge and each other. Separately they were dangerous, together they are formidable. Kelsha's army has been trained and is eager to fight. Can Shep and Lilly and the rest of Neveah over-power the evil that is Jax and Kelsha?

Breaking the Wicked is a tale of forgiveness, love, lust, betrayal, and self-condemnation as our beloved Shep and Lilly race to break the wicked and mend their love.