Davyn had a good life, a job he loved, and a group of men and women he actually called friends. Not that he liked them all the time, some were just plain annoying. But he was missing a very important part of his life, a bond-mate. Having watched many of his friends find their own, all he wants is to know that kind of love and inner peace.

Dahlia had it all—a good home, loving parents, and a job. Not a great job, but it was a job. Now if she can get her boss to stop being such a sleaze! Then her very world rolls and rumbles, literally. One minute she was on her feet, and the next a sexy doctor was leaning over her, reassuring her everything would be just fine.

A whirlwind romance, heartache, and there's only one place they want to be—in each other’s arms. The cosmos throws them back together for one last go. Can they make it work?