Real Solutions for Saving Your Retirement...No Matter Where You Stand Right Now!Step-by-step plans you can use if you're planning to retire in...5 years 10 years 15 years over 20 years or tomorrow! "The market meltdown has all of us worrying about whether we will ever be able to retire. Worrying doesn't help you. Planning does. "Save Your Retirement" by Frank Armstrong, III and Paul B. Brown can-and should-serve as your battle plan."-John A. Byrne, Executive Editor, "BusinessWeek" "Convinced the sinking economy has dragged your retirement plans down with it? "Save Your Retirement" shows there's still treasure inside that wreckage- and provides a map to help you find it."-Josh Hyatt, "Money Magazine" "Whether you're just beginning a career or you're five years from retiring, the authors show you how to take a realistic look at your current financial status and your retirement goals. With a refreshingly positive approach, they give all of us, no matter our life stage, a blueprint for successful retirement." -Professor Larry Meiller, Talk Show Host, Wisconsin Public Radio "Frank Armstrong, III and Paul B. Brown heal your retirement anxiety and show you exactly how to achieve financial security for the golden years. You'll actually be excited to save!"-Farnoosh Torabi, Author of "You're So Money: Live Rich Even When You're Not"" "Terrified about retirement? Stop losing sleep, and take action! This book gives you specific, step-by-step plans you can use to save your retirement. Forget "one-size-fits-all" solutions that don't fit your life. Here are personal plans focused on your unique situation-whether you're 5, 10, 15, or 20-plus years away from retirement or are scheduled to retire now. (There's even a detailed plan for people who've already retired and want to make sure their money lasts!) No matter what the market meltdown did to your portfolio or how little you've saved, you can save your retirement-if you start now. Get this book, and get started! All the help you need to save your retirement:
Where to move your savings
How to recalculate what you'll really need to retire
How to assess when you can now afford to retire
How to change your approach to investing
How to use the federal tax system to save more
What to expect from Social Security now
Part I: Let's Take a Deep Breath and Get Our Bearings 1Chapter 1: There's Hope 3Chapter 2: You Are Not Alone: Just About Everyone Is Unprepared to Retire the Way They Want 11Chapter 3: Maybe You Don't Want to Retire 23Chapter 4: Before You Begin Your Rescue Efforts: Things to Do to Make Sure You Don't Make the Situation Worse 29 Part II: Working with the Scenario That Is Right for You 63Chapter 5: R(etirement) Minus 20 (or More) 71 Chapter 6: R—15 79Chapter 7: R—10 95Chapter 8: R—5 107Chapter 9: R=0 117Chapter 10: R+ 123 Part III: (Dramatically) New Thinking 127Chapter 11: Maybe You Want to Retire Later 129Chapter 12: Don't Touch Up the X-Rays 133Chapter 13: Dealing with Risk 141Chapter 14: Where Does Social Security Fit In? 151Chapter 15: What to Do the Moment You Stop Reading 161Chapter 16: Final Thoughts 167 Part IV: Appendices 173Appendix A: Where Does the Money Go? 175Appendix B: Getting to What's Next 183Appendix C: Useful Links and Resources for Retirees 191Appendix D: Suggested Asset Allocation Models 195 Index 199

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