The year is 1776.

The American colonies are in revolt against the British Empire.

The Scottish-born sailor John Paul Jones has joined the fledgling American Navy - and is already starting to make his mark.

Congress has recognised his talents and put him in command of the sloop Providence, made available by the cowardice and duplicity of her first commander.

Over the next three months, he proves his ability with a series of daring raids - making himself both a fortune and a reputation.

But as his fame grows, John Paul Jones is also starting to acquire powerful enemies - on both sides of the Atlantic ocean he sails with such skill.

And after he is elevated to the command of the Alfred, the largest ship in the American Navy, he faces the deadliest battle of his career - and one that will test his seamanship, and sense of justice, to the limit.

'Commander of the Seas' is the second in the series of books featuring John Paul Jones, a man referred to as 'the father of the US Navy' for his role is establishing the fledgling United States as a sea-power and challenging the might of the British.

It is an enthralling adventure story set against the violent backdrop of America's fight for independence from Britain. It is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Alexander Kent.

"I could taste the salt and smell the wind on every page. A brilliant read.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of 'The Lunar Code'.

Christopher Kenworthy was a journalist and novelist. His other titles include 'In the Dark of the Moon', 'Badlands' and 'Apache Country'.

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