From H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon to The Voynich Manuscript, from the Rongorongo artifacts to The Georgia Guidestones, from The Oerea Linda Book to The Book of Soyga, certain arcane writings, it seems, are not to be read - or at least not fully fathomed - by ordinary mortals.

The stories in Forbidden Texts, however, each dealing with a document from beyond the pale, are not only designed to be read – their contents have already proven their ability to creep into the shadows of one’s mind and linger, awakening dark visions, etching themselves into your memory.

While one of our narratives details a newly discovered work of outre erudition, three of the tales have been brought back to light from relative antiquity. Your humble editor and authors delved past the wards and sigils of obscurity, spelunking into the dungeons and mist-shrouded tombs of classic tomes. At long last we smuggled these forgotten manuscripts back from their time-eroded publications to be unleashed once more upon the waking world, our purpose to shock, thrill and entertain you anew.

“Rookwood” was first published in the Australian magazine Aurealis in 1999.

“An Uncommon Stew” was originally published as a bonus story in the back of all IDW comics in October 2004.

“The Love of a Good Book” tells the tale of a newly discovered (rumoured?) forbidden text…

“When Satan Sings the Blues” was first published in The Rare Anthology in 2001.

While the volumes containing their original publications might be slightly dusty, these tales are anything but. Each holds within the very structure of its literary essence the power to twist and transform the darker corridors of the bibliophile’s brain.

Come read… or, in the case of our final tale, listen … if you dare!

About the Authors:

Nicholas Knight is the bestselling author of the official Supernatural companion guides and The Essential Supernatural coffee table book, as well as a feature writer for the Official Supernatural Magazine. His short fiction has appeared in places such as H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror, Mad Scientist Journal, Trailer Park of Terror, and Weird Tales, and he’s received honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. He lives among bears and sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest, and is currently writing a role-playing app series entitled Monster’s Choice.

James Newman is the author of the novels Midnight Rain, The Wicked, Animosity and Ugly as Sin. Several short film adaptations of his works are currently in pre-production, including the fan favorite “Holy Rollers”.James lives in the mountains of North Carolina.

David Bain is also the editor of Dark Highways and Sword and Zombie. His novels include Gray Lake and Death Sight, the first book in his Will Castleton series, with the second, Green River Blues, coming this summer. His short story collections include Night Writing, Terror Is Our Trade (w/ C. Dennis Moore), Darker Corridors, and Shadows, Whispers, Shivers. He is the co-author, with C. Dennis Moore, of the short rock n' roll horror novel Band of Gypsies.

Rick Kennett is a life-long resident of Melbourne, Australia. His stories have appeared in dozens of magazines and anthologies.

Bryce Stevens creates horror and fantasy fiction and art, having had work published in various magazines and anthologies and online.He has been an editor, illustrator and book reviewer for horror magazines and was for two years president of the original Australian Horror Writers while editing and illustrating its bimonthly news magazine Severed Head.