This book is a very readable devotional book about living in the "last days" (the present age). This is not surprising since six of the ten chapters were written by pastors or pastor/theologians. If you are looking for information about Christian views of the end times, this book has only one 17-page chapter that gives a brief though well-written summary of the four main end times scenarios and a 19-page chapter in the history of dispensational premillennialism in the USA. The authors generally support an amillennial view of eschatology.

I was very surprised to see a totally unexpected and gratuitous swipe at theistic evolution by Rev. Richard Phillips in Chapter 8 (p. 128), saying that "one of reasons why we [evangelicals] should reject this teaching is that theistic evolution is a process in which the creative engine is death. " This personal opinion added nothing to the subject matter of the chapter, which was "A Pastoral Guide to Life after Death."

The book does not contain author biographies, an index, or a bibliography, and has very few footnotes.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a devotional view of the "end times."