The Faerie world is not all rainbows and magic. There are laws and rules and when those are broken, that's when the MCA gets involved. When things get dangerous, the Agency calls in their best and that's Agent Faerie Nuff. The night a Dental Acquisition Agent is kidnapped, Nuff is called in to find out what happened as well as locate the missing agent.

With a ransom demand on line, Nuff enlists the help of Special agent Jasmine (Jaz) Frost. Shunned by the bulk of the Fae, Jaz continues to help Nuff unravel the truth from the evidence that remains. With time running out, they must follow the leads before the ransom is paid or the missing agent is killed. If they fail, either the children of the human realm or an agent will suffer. Neither are acceptable to Nuff.

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