We dog companions are lucky people, aren't we? Not only do we get all this love & loyalty, fun & games, we get to see and do things dog-less people can't imagine. Our world is better, our lives happier, thanks to our dogs.

Now you can share a new experience with your dog. Everyone likes talking to their dog, but sometimes you run out of things to say—or you feel a bit shy. So make it easy—read your dog a story written just for them, complete with their own name and favorite words. Each story ends with a treat, game or other fun activity.

You'll find settling down together to read a Tales for Dogs story is rewarding for you and your dog. Make it part of your daily routine and be prepared for head tilting, questioning looks, smiles, kisses and great memories in the making.

Before you begin - please take a moment to personalize this story for your dog. Write his (or her) name in the spaces left open so that your dog knows you're talking to him (or her).
If you don't stop for tummy tickles or cuddles, this story will take around 5 to 10 minutes to read.

Remember, dogs tune in to our tone of voice, so they'll love it even more if you read to them in an animated way.

These and all Tales for Dogs stories have been tested and approved by Piper dog.

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