As the last book of the series, Drew brings the series to a dark and dramatic conclusion with a war not between opposing factions, but literally between two philosophies and life views.

It took me a long time and another reading to finally get what Drew was trying to say with his "post-apocalyptic apocalypse," as this book is an orgy of everything going wrong for the protagonists. Surely he was trying to point out the dangers of trying to mess with overcoming the frailty of the human condition. However, unlike the highly overrated A Canticle for Leibowitz, Drew's characters, at the end of the series, are more identifiable and, ultimately, understandable.

Highly recommended. One of the best trilogies released in the 1980's and a epic science fiction tale on a scope that's almost impossible to find today. Very well written.

On a side note I lent these three books to my girlfriend. She was not happy with me and actually smacked me with one of the books for making her cry.


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