This isn't a first book in the series, so lets assume you're already familiar with the cast & their dynamic. If you've watched the anime you already know this story too: its been adapted & animated pretty well

Victorique dresses like a porcelain doll with frills and lace 50 years out of style (if this is the 1920s, she is waaaay old-fashioned) She looks far younger than her age (teenager), sound old (must be all that pipe smoking), reads and eats sweets all day... oh, and she enjoys the occasional break from the everyday boredom by solving mysteries. Its like a tsundere moe loli Nero Wolfe! (or for this particular story, more like Sherlock Holmes, as she does leave residence to look for clues herself, instead of making Kazuya do it)

This book is a fun read, even if there's minor translation [?] issues. Or maybe thats a math issue? The only time Victorique's height is listed in real numbers, she's said to be 5'10"! Someone was either converting metric wrong or really needs a better proofreader
The cover is also atrocious! Who at TokyoPop thought it a good idea to take a beautiful illustration of the both main characters on a lush background, edit out EVERYTHING except V and then slap it on a horrid textured orange *facepalm*

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