sequel to Darkness Comes

Malorie Sinclair is adjusting to her new life, her new love, and it isn’t easy. Feryn is hyper-protective, her dreams are growing increasingly bizarre, her father is still missing, and her past isn’t as dead as she believed.

Needing space to think, to breathe, she begins a search for her father and discovers that there is so much more to the world around her than she ever imagined. Navigating this uncharted path is going to take all of her cunning and resolve because doing what she knows to be right means going against Feryn and compromising the future of the Aradians.

Between morning sickness, angels, hunters, long kept secrets, ruthless Aradians, and raising a six-year-old son, Malorie is going to learn exactly who she is and what she believes in.
word count: 100,000