*screaming to myself* I 'finally' type out a clear and full review and I hit the screen just outside of the review box and.......it closed the review box :( Gone.....and all I could do was sit here and watch it disappear. Gah!!

Will try again asap. If not soon enough I just urge everyone to look read, understand, and live this as you begin to feel your body go into what's nothing short of a miracle rebirth. I read it the first time o e 25 years ago and it changed my life. Well, I fell off track along with other environmental factors outside of my control and I'm now headed back to this book to do it all over again.

As with 'all' lifestyle changes, 'please' do not do any changes without being well informed on the withdrawal symptoms of ridding your body of the toxins, knowing how it will effect any medications you're on and 'you' as an individual. Everyone is different and will heal that negative gut/brain reaction differently. If you want to live free of all the things far too many are afflicted with and there have been no answers, than 'this' is without question a place to turn for women, men and even for our children's ailments. Worth every dedicated second.

Ugh!! Bummed that my first review is gone.

~*In Wellness to ALL*~ <3

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