Career Insights are designed to give you a special look inside the minds of the leading sports executives of the world, and assist you in getting an insider's view on what it takes to succeed in the workplace. The book features candid insights from: Charley Armey (General Manager, St. Louis Rams), Doug Hamilton (Vice President and General Manager, Los Angeles Galaxy), Mike O?Connell (GM, Boston Bruins), Mike Smith (GM, Chicago Blackhawks), Joe Garagiola, Jr. (GM, Arizona Diamondbacks), and Jim Smith (GM, Columbus Crew). This book is the best way for professionals or ?soon to be professionals? to learn to think, analyze, and respond to situations they will confront in the workplace. The purpose of this book is not to devise the quickest way to land just any job. Rather, we try to guide you towards assuming the mindset of the industry's most elite and successful executives, so you can employ these skills at any level. The authors in this book know what it takes to succeed; now you?ll know their secrets too. Use this information to get an edge, land the job of your dreams, and have a successful career.

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