This is the first book I have read by Jeanette Baker.

Gabe trains Lipizzaner horses that were brought from Austria with his father during the war. He is going through a rough spell with his daughter (who has autism), his 2 teenage step-children, the ex wife who abandoned all three kids to Gabe, his mother who claims to never interfere but always does and 3 sisters that he feels responsible for. Whitney is an attorney who Austria hires to buy all the Lipizzaners. So she goes out to California to make Gabe a offer. The chemistry is immediate. This is the story of a blended family of misfits.

Ok this book was good but about 75 pages to long. It seems the characters go from nothing (not even a kiss) to "Do you like me? Lets have a long distance relationship" and the reader has to wonder if they missed a chapter. The children in the story really are not written in a endearing way (except maybe the youngest when she is with her horse) but you really just don't worry about what is going on with them. Mercedes (Gabe's mom) is an interesting character but the writing is not really well rounded on the character. And Pryor (Whitney's mom) is bi-polar I think. She is desperate to marry off her daughter and have grandchildren but then every time Gabe is brought up the mom tries to talk her out of seeing him. And she is never becomes a beloved character. I liked the book but didn't love it. Would I read another from her? YES! Would I run out to buy it? NO! This story is more about the history of horses then romance.

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