This book contains a total of three books—

Hunter: Secrets Revealed
Hunter is not a normal teenage girl… she freely admits that. Though her life had never been normal to start out with, it soon is turned upside down when she meets a strange creature and befriends him.
She is forced to get past her anti-social, paranoid ways and face the fact that not everyone in the world is evil and out to get her as she attempts to solve the mystery surrounding her father's sudden disappearance when she was a baby while still facing the challenges high school presents.

Jacey: New Friends, New Enemies
Jacey has had it rough. After her parents died, she was approached by a man who said her parents were killed by werewolves. But were they? He took her in and she helped him rid the world of the evil creatures, but when she actually has a conversation with a werewolf, she questions her new friend’s intentions.

Matthew: Hearts of Stone
Living high above a city in Paris, Matthew watches the humans below. His life has been good, he has a loving mother and a father figure taking care of him, but one day his life is thrown out of whack and he must face challenges he couldn’t even imagine.
Matthew has to go out into the world, fight an evil scientist, and find an ally in this crazy, mixed up world. Can he find someone that will accept him for who he is?

This book also contains exclusive shorts such as an epilogue and the return for Justin, Hunter's brother, that will only be available in this combo version of "Ways of the Pack."


“Ways of the Pack” books in reading order…

Ways of the Pack

The Vampire Saga

The Return