The first manga style comic based on the most accomplished TV series ever is here. "Echoes of New Caprica" focuses on an aspect of the series left with very little attention on screen. The choice of not dwelling too much on humanity's hellish days on the New Caprica colony was a sound one at the time for structural reasons. And the only revisit to the colony made one of the series' least perfect hours in the form of the episode "Unfinished Business". This anthology on the other hand does do a wonderful job with deepening the story of the occupation, even if only one of the three stories actually takes place during that time.

"Teacher's Pet" is true Galactica with its difficult and even merciless analysis of humanity during wartime. The question of the story is: what do you you do when children are revealed to be collaborators?

"Shelf Life" neatly bridges the gap between the episodes"Exodus, part 2" and "Collaborators," focusing on the restructuring of the inner politics of the fleet after the occupation. Actor/author Richard Hatch has written a good examination on his self-portrayed character President Zarek during a time of societal unraveling. The themes of impossible loyalties under extreme pressure is present again, as the story probes the factors leading up to "Collaborators".

The final story is less about politics and forced allegiances, and all about family and the character of Kara Thrace. "Visitation" depicts a person's recovery after deeply traumatic experiences. It movingly shows Kara dealing with the unreal shift in life after her twisted experiences during the occupation.

Like the TV series, this collection asks if there's a point when actions dictated by survival make the survivor unworthy of surviving. It boldly confronts humanity's conflict between micro-level loyalties and loyalties of the scope of society, culture and even species. Here's true Galactica for all us fans, offering not fillers but relevant, fleshy stories that have a lot to add to the canvas of the series.