The story continues and so does my enjoyment of this ongoing series.Corben is gone and now we learn how Tsabrack finally wins the love of Lythas.We meet Corben and Lythas' children all grown and moving into their own adventures, as well as Charlotte's children, Nicholas and Morgan.

I love the straight forward story.I find it just the right combination of description to get me in the setting and pace to move the story forward without bogging it down.

Each chapter is a mini adventure and moves us towards the final outcome.There are trials and sorrows, but what I like the most is that the chracters do not often run off and cause problems for themselves needlessly.They stick together and work towards a common goal.

I'm not adept at analyzing what I read, I just know what I enjoy and the reasons for it and this is one of the best.

This story, as well as the previous writings, are on my-6-star-favs shelf and I'll be moving on to the next installment in this series, Second Chances.

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