Reid Hansen has always had a "thing" for Marines. But not for former Marine, now up-and-coming fashion designer, Jackson Tate. In fact, Reid would rather see Jackson dead.

Jackson Tate has more success than he'd ever imagined, and all the stress that goes with it. Who better to help pull him back from the edge than Reid Hansen? But Reid's fateful and unexpected presence in Jackson's life resurrects the ghost of the Marine Reid once loved, the Marine Jackson served with, the Marine who died saving Jackson's life, and it's quite clear that Reid has no intention of offering Jackson the salvation he seeks. In fact, it seems Reid would rather deliver that final shove that destroys him.

Jackson is the last man Reid wants to meet. Their lives first intersected on an Iraqi desert years before. Now, finally face-to-face, resentment, anger, and guilt put them at odds. Grief and the truth bind them. And then there's the unrelenting want fueling their actions. A craving neither can deny.

Yes, Reid's the one man who could save Jackson from himself. But who is saving whom?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / BDSM

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