An arousing erotic novel - with generous dollops of humour thrown in - that doubles as a "How To" book on getting the relationship pattern you want. You’ve fantasised about living with two women at once – and then you’ve dreamt the nightmare of being nagged to death by not one but two women. Here’s how to succeed: establish a regime of strict control by enslaving two women who just love to be submissive.

This is an adult account of an alternative family where all three participants are happy, fulfilled, ecstatic, and usually orgasmic. This is erotica on a literary, racy and humorous level that will keep you enthralled and raring to go.

Julie agrees to move in with her boyfriend Tom, following rules that make her a total sexual slave, including nudity at all times inside the home. She is then informed that she must select a girl-friend to join their household. Emma, younger and taller, moves in, and Julie finds that she is slave not only to Tom but to Emma too.

Their adventures are sexy and hilarious, but also point the way to the fulfilment of personal dreams if explored and conducted in the right way.

This could be a blue-print for a new exploration of your own sexual identity, whether you are “Tom” or “Julie/Emma.”