Book eight is written in the same perspective/style as book seven. The majority of the story is from Silindra's perspective with brief glimpses into what is happening to Snow during modern time. We get to learn a lot of history about how modern vampires came to be, how magic in the world has changed, and how the Vampire Queen took control. We also learn that Snow White really has a Destiny even though she tried to deny it a few books ago. The seal of Gabriel really was made for her, but also in a way made by her. This is why it was absorbed into her body putting her in the coma-like state she has been in for the last two years. A lot has changed in her world while she slept. Everyone she loved has tried to wake her with a kiss, but one possibly succeeds. The question is, was this a kiss from her one true love being a part of her destiny or just a coincidence?

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