I enjoyed the first book in this series so much, I wanted to read this as well.The actor reading this audiobook is TERRIBLE. She has about three voice qualities and uses one of them for each of the characters.Every character asks questions in the same annoying manner:dropping and then raising the tone of the voice; annoying and strange.However, the way the author weaves humor into this otherwise mediocre book makes it worth the trouble of finishing.

There is a lot that is unrealistic in this book series. Eg, a Head Writer on a daytime drama and her Lawyer best friend withhold evidence from the police because they think it will be fun to solve murders on their own.And Morgan Tyler finds herself threatened with death over and over, but somehow escapes to solve the murder. Again.

She appears to have learned nothing since her experiences in the first book, and enters into circumstances simply too outlandish to be believed. Also, the amount of time that Ms. Tyler and other characters end up in the hospital is getting a bit difficult to swallow.

Also, as in the first book, the identity of the murderer was spelled out in LARGE LETTERS IN THE SKY that the reader could see a mile away, but somehow, Morgan Tyler could not.And, Linda Palmer again introduces new characters in a way that makes them highly suspect to the reader, while Morgan Tyler trusts everyone she meets.

So why am I giving this book 4/5 stars, as I said, the author is skilled at bringing humor and keeping the story and characters interesting, even as she gives the plot away.