Kidnapped by a war party of the perverse Northern Territories vampires, Cleoda, steely princess of the Blood Royal, hungers for the magnificent alpha warrior Lord Thane. Held by their enemies, taken to the mountain-locked Northern fortress of the vampire king Archon, Thane will fight any oncomer, withstand any abuse, to protect the woman who has obsessed him. Challenged him.

Their hunger for each other cannot be denied. But surrounded by death and the erotic blood perversions of the vampire Northern fortress court and its depraved, sexed entertainments, will they themselves become as debauched and cruelly perverse as their captors? Cleoda, alpha herself, will submit only to Lord Thane. Thane, who has his own secrets. Secrets that reveal him as no more human than the vampires they are surrounded by and even more dangerous.

King Archon and his battle hardened warlord son would defile them both. In a world of dark violence and abuse, who will live and who will die?

This novel is loosely based, in part, on the first installments of my series Princess Cleoda: Bound. It is a dark, erotic paranormal romance edged with horror and violence.

Approx 57,000 words

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