Five months since finishing High School, Tara has no direction in her life. She longs for a trendy lifestyle, far from the responsibilities of her crazy parents and their preoccupation with apocalyptic predictions.
But what will happen if it all comes true?

The hottest guy she’s ever seen blows into town, claiming he’s here to protect her. The tattoo on his nape reads: Warder of Earth.
Alien seeder meteorites rain down bringing chaos and destruction.
The town is overtaken by gun-toting, zealous soldiers and a mysterious virus spreads with terrifying and deadly results. Someone close to her, is leaking information to the enemy. She no longer knows who to trust.

Fighting for her family and the world’s survival, Tara must accept the secret of her past; she was genetically bred for a specific purpose.

But every victory comes at great cost.
And heroes are ordinary people who in a heartbeat, choose to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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