I am one of the featured authors in this anthology, so this review is about the other stories and poems in the collection.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the stories and poems in this book. I expected that I would because I have read and enjoyed other work by these writers. For this series of books each author is given a photo at random and asked to write a story/poem inspired by the photo. In this book there are 3 stories and/or poems for each photo. It's interesting to see how each author interpreted the photo differently and created something unique. There are stories in many genres including fantasy, dark fiction, and literary fiction.

It's impossible for me to pick favourite stories or poems as I found something great in each of them. What I will say is that there is a wealth of talent in these pages, and stories with much depth and wisdom. This is a quality collection for lovers of short fiction and poetry. The photographs are an extra treat and make this book, and this series, extra special.