The Story of Pocahontas is a biography for primary aged children learning to read on their own. The book is about Pocahontas's life from meeting John Smith in what is now called America to her death in England. It also tells how Pocahontas met John Smith and they became friends. I gave the book four stars because it depicted the events with simple detail. It debunks the myth that Pocahontas married John Smith when she actual married a man named John Rolfe. I do wish the book chose to refer to Pocahontas as a Native American rather than Indians, it is a bit misleading. The illustrations give the book a more mature feel.The illustrations are more realistic than those of for younger children. I think young readers would find the Story of Pocahontas appealing because they are most likely familiar with the story of Pocahontas meeting John Smith but not with the complete story of her life. I think the children will most likely find it interesting or confusing to that Pocahontas married John Rolfe despite the beloved Disney movie. It would be great to assign this book around Thanksgiving. It is a brief look into the colonial era of American history.

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