Disaster Strikes
Book Two Tornado Alley
Marlane Kennedy 
Copyright 2014

Its the start of summer vacation and ten year old Wyatt finds himself having to entertain his cousin Allison much to his dismay.Soon he finds himself showing Allison sround the farm before he and his buddies all go fishing.His friens seem fascinated in finding out more about Allisons life in New York City.The sky soon turns dark like a storm is moving in.

Soon Wyatt finds himself running after Allison who went after he dog in the middle of the Hurricane.They managed to survive theTornado by finding shelter under a tractor and hanging on when the Tornado passes Wyatt looks for his two friends who were in the Storm Cellar.He is relieved when he finds his friendsare okay.

They are stunned when they realize a second Tornado is coming and they have nowhere to run or hide.

Will they be able to make it through the second tornado?Find out by reading Disaster Strikes Tornado Alley.

Five out of five stars for a great childrens book...

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