This Tank Girl doesn't start off very interesting. After getting through most of the first issue, the best part is a shirt that reads: "Frankie says you're a cunt".

The sketches, (since that's what they feel like to me) leave me underwhelmed. Dayglo isn't impressing me with this series, unfortunately. Then this line captured my heart, "Bang bang, you're dead, fifty bullets in your head, one's red, one's blue, one's full of chicken poo!" Doesn't it have the potential to charm the pants off one? Makes me giggle to think about.

Then it turns into a Aztecan-like Power Rangers. The second issue really ends on an interesting arc, which is fortunate. I was not entertained there for awhile. And the third issue finally sounds like good ole Tank Girl and the pace quicken and becomes a nice comic again, but ends desolately. Recommended to the TG Freaks.

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