This Book teaches the practice of meditation in the Christian tradition. It involves imageless and silence prayer through repetition of a Mantra: Maranatha. The Author, John Main, a Benedictine monk, rediscovered Christian Meditation in the 20th Century and proposed it to contemporary women and men seeking sense in their lives. His Teacher was a Hindu Monk, Swami Satyananda, who transmitted him the technique of Hindu Meditation during his youth. Later John Main discovered that similar practices existed in Christian tradition. When he entered the Benedictine order, Main resumed the practice of meditation while founding in the writings of John Cassian a parallel with mantra meditation: the suppression of thought and image, the repetition of a short phrase to facilitate this letting go, the concept of the poverty of spirit throughout prayer. Main moved to Canada in 1977, to open a house of prayer in Montreal and died in 1982.