Book Tittle: Disaster!
Author: Mary McIntosh
Number of Pages: 46

Question 1

The book tells the story about the bigest disasters through the world history. Some of them were caused by nature and other by humans. In the last twenty five years many people in my country have dead by nature force and other by the the wickedness of some people. In Colombia in this 25 years there have been two greats natural tragedies: Nevado del Ruizvolcano eruption and Armenia earthquake.

In 1985 the Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted. The eruption of lava melted the large ice cap of the mountain and produced floods and mudslides and this lava and rocksfell into a river that ultimately covered a town called Armero. The town disappeared completly and the eruption killed over 25.000 people.

In 1999 a great earthqueake measuring 6.4 on the Richer scale shooke the Armenia city. Over 1000 people died and almost 60% of the city was destroyed. Many towns around Armenia disappeared.

Many other peopla have died during these last 25 years due to violence. When Pablo Escobar was alive, he made bring out many bombs that he put on planes, buildings and important avenues in some main cities of Colombia.

Question 2

One of the stories from the book is about Kobe Earthquake. In 1995 a very big eathquake shook the Kobe city in sauth Japan, and the book tells a brief storie about a girl who was under the remains of her house and called her mother. People could hear her but some hours later her screams stopped because the rescuers did not arrive in time. This story remind me Omaira Gonzalez, one of the thousand of victims of the Nevado del Ruiz eruption. This girl was trapped up to her neck in water, concrete, and other remains for three days. It was impossible to rescue her and many people blamed the authorities for not help her. During the 3 days, many journalists accompanied her to try to keep her alive and she sent messages to her mother through the cameras. Omaria died due to gangrene.

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