The Young Warriors by Glen A. Larson and Robert Thurston is the fourth book in the Battlestar Galatica series.The story revolves around the character of Starbuck and his questioning of the constant warfare which makes up his life.The story begins when he goes back to a therapy session to discover why he is so depressed and he believes he discovers that it is due to his focus on war forever.Soon after he crash lands on a planet where the only humans outside captivity are a band of children who are running a guerrilla war against the cyclon robots who control the planet.He soon makes himself leader and tries to make the children rediscover their childhood outside of the militaristic system they have discovered.This story made me think about what is better for children knowing the truth of the dangerous and meaningful things they do or being treated like everything they do is just a game.The book portraits childhood as something invaluable where it is only by making the children believe it is all a game that they are able to keep them sane.Thus the different tactics encouraged by Starbuck include games where the enemies are destroyed.I however would disagree I believe that if a person is doing something worthy of respect he or she should be told its importance and their importance to the society even if they are not fully mature.I sometimes wonder whether our societies convincing children that life is all a game has not led a generation of children who never figured out what it meant to be adults.

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