Her Keeper – Reckless Endangerment (Her Keeper Parts 1-4 HFN ending)

The feud between Detective Rick Andrews and Sara Michaels is legendary and no one ever wants to stand in the line of fire when they go at it.

Despite the feud, everyone knows Rick and Sara fell in love in love the day they met only they just keep making war not love. Their latest battle is over the Gencor case and Sara’s role as town prosecutor. Watching Sara buckle under the burden of the crushing case arouses Rick’s protective streak Big Time and he wants her off the case, out of the prosecutor’s office and back in private practice so he can enjoy seeing her tilted smile a lot more often even if it isn't directed at him.

During a roadside arrest over her reckless driving caused by stress over the case, Rick finally takes Sara in hand. The HOT encounter includes frisking, spanking, cuffing and later a shattering first kiss. Rick thought Sara was too independent to submit to a 24/7 domestic discipline arrangement, but once he sees her submissive side, he commits to taking her in hand with strict discipline as well as his own brand of dominant lovemaking. Now Sara has tasted what it is like to be in Rick’s care, she wants to surrender to his discipline and her own desires, but she fears she will earn more severe punishments from her rebellious streak and miss her independence.

Can Sara defer to his discipline and can Rick learn to rule her in a way she can accept? Follow the fireworks and the fire between this feisty couple as they enjoy a happy for now ending in the first book of their journey towards their eventual HEA.

The first book in the trilogy and #2 in the Detective & Desires, Her Keeper is an erotic romance with explicit sexual content. It has a hot cop (two actually), sexy frisking, spanking, cuffing, anal play, a crazy, hot proposition and two people who are stubbornly in love.

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