Mika Shaw is a promiscuous, drug-addicted, schizophrenic who lives in Bishop, California, a small town in the Eastern Sierras where there's nothing to do but drink, get high, and have sex. Plagued by bizarre hallucinations, reality and nightmares co-exist in her mind, indistinguishable from one another.When her closest friends begin dying all around her under increasingly violent and bizarre circumstances, Mika is terrified that this time the nightmares aren't just in her head.

The Paiute believe that malevolent spirits called Pahoha, water-babies, live in the Owens River. The Pahoha have pale skin and black eyes and their voices sound like the cries of young children summoning strangers to the lake to be drowned. Sometimes they look like lost loved ones, dead friends or relatives calling from the other side. To see them is to be fatally cursed... and Mika has seen them.

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