Matthew A.B.C. is a wonderful alphabet book by Peter Catalanotto that gives children a clever and catchy way to learn and remember their alphabet. In this book, Mrs. Tuttle has 25 children in her kindergarten class that are all named Matthew and the principal wonders how she tells them all apart. Each Matthew's last name starts with a different letter of the alphabet and each Matthew has a trait the corresponds with the first letter of his last name. Matthew A. for example, is extremely affectionate and Matthew B. loves Band-Aids. Each Matthew has a clever quirk that goes along with his last initial and each one is on a different page. Each page also has a very cute and funny illustration that goes along with it, making it even easier for children to remember. At the end of the book, Principal Nozzet tells Mrs. Tuttle that she has a new student and that his name is also Matthew. Conveniently, his last name starts with the letter z and he is covered in zippers.
I think this book does a fantastic job in appealing to children and finding fun ways to teach them their alphabet. It also gives them a way to learn them that isn't just rote memorization. The illustrations in this book will definitely stick with children and give them something to giggle about. This is a wonderful book and would be a perfect read aloud for a kindergarten class.

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