Do you have a gut feeling that maybe the school system is not what your child needs? Do you feel as though your family has broken down and you are all unhappy? Are you looking at alternatives but having trouble finding the right support?Do you struggle with feelings you have about raising your child and then having those feelings set aside as "ridiculous, out dated, old fashioned or plain old ridiculous? Do you feel uneasy about trusting a system that shows so many signs of being broken and you don't want to follow blindly because, after all, your child's life is at stake?Does your parenting experience feel like it is running on a code that is out-dated? Have you ever felt that school is a form of segregation, infringing on your child's civil rights? Do you feel deep inside that your child has an inherent wisdom, but there's no support for your beliefs? Is your calendar filled with numerous distractions, just so you don't have to face the emptiness and feelings of failure?

Here Is What You Will Gain From Reading This Book:
How to trust your natural instincts in matters concerning your child.
How to understand the natural learning process of human beings.
How to measure momentary "mainstream" against hundreds even thousands of years.
How to make responsible choices based on what your child needs vs. what all others are doing.
How to get off "auto-pilot" and get into your child, growing your relationship to a greater sense of closeness, trust and camaraderie.
How to partner with your child in life and not only be parent and child, but be allies and friends.

Who Needs To Read This Book?

You are frustrated with the current educational system.
You have challenges with your child's behaviors.
You want to try something different but you feel you don't have the qualifications.
You have secret feelings of anger or disappointment regarding your child.
You are sick and tired of not feeling good about being a parent.

The Time Is Now

All children are born to learn and their learning is as natural as breathing. In fact, children are learning all of the time. With the advent of the internet and so many parents working from home, it's time to bring the children back home too. Learning happens inside and out, in social groups of all ages and as they venture out into the world. This slim book discusses unschooling from the perspective of a veteran homeschooler turned unschooler and parenting expert.

It's time to get your kids out of the box and allow them to free their minds to activate creative expression, entrepreneurial habits and true deep thinking.Stop them from being programmed with ideas that simply don't work in today's world and get them excited about learning.In Born to Learn, author Kytka Hilmar-Jezek uses her 20+ years of experience and wisdom and her "in your face" style and smashes all of your old beliefs. She takes you on a journey of possibility in the new paradigm. This book closes with a collection of powerful quotes on learning and education from some of the world's greatest visionaries, scientists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.Your child was born a genius and it's your job as a parent to allow that to shine! Fasten your seat belts, because this will be the ride of your life!