The Pied Piper is legendary for his supernatural ability to catch rats. Of course—he's a vampire; rats, bats, wolves, and humans all fall prey to his command.

It's a lucrative living until he loses his temper over a payment dispute and takes revenge on the folk of Hamelin by kidnapping their children and turning them into vampires. This backfires, escalating into a territorial battle with Count Dracula, who forces the Piper to flee Europe with a few of his vampire children.

Seven hundred years later in Manhattan, Jack follows in his father's footsteps. It's a good living: the number of rats in New York City is no joke. But when the Piper's girlfriend, an animal rights activist, threatens Jack's business in a scheme to get the Piper out of pest control, the Piper and Jack fight for control. And Jack must decide what he'll sacrifice for love.