"The Fullness of Time", by Kate Wilhelm


"Wearaway and Flambeau", by Matthew Hughes
"The Afflicted", by Matthew Johnson
"Jack Shade in the Forest of Souls", by Rachel Pollack

Short Stories:

"Hartmut's World", by Albert E. Cowdrey
"The Woman Who Fooled Death Five Times", by Eleanor Arnason
"A Natural History of Autumn", by Jeffrey Ford
"Wizard", by Michaele Jordan
"Real Faces", by Ken Liu


Books to Look For, by Charles de Lint
Musings on Books, by Michelle West
Films: Martian Processed Cheese, by Lucius Shepard
Science: Quicksand and Ketchup, by Pat Murphy and Paul Doherty
Coming Attractions
Curiosities: "Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet", by Blake Savage (1952), by Bud Webster