I struggled with the choppy writing in The Frenchman's Woman, but I found The Frenchman's Revenge a much easier story to fall into. The sentence structure is still oddly simple, but it does work in this story.

This is not really a BDSM story, but more a typical hot Dominant male/submissive-but-feisty-most-beautiful-female-in-the-land sort of story. Sometimes these qualities are mentioned so many times it's a little bit aggravating - but - it is a fantasy story, so I shall forgive.

As erotica, I would probably give it 2 1/2 to 3 stars. But the revenge aspect of the story, the plotting, and the evil, evil villains bumped it up. We're talking John Wayne to the max, folks, but rather than cowboys and Indians, it's the Mob versus the Chinese, a rivalry that I had not been familiar with and found fascinating.

The rest of this review contains what some might consider a spoiler.

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