Buddy and Marilyn is based on a true story about two dogs who became friends. Marilyn, a spoodle, was scared of the water and she overcame her fear when she was shown there was nothing to be afraid of - while Buddy, a spaniel, learnt how to overcome loneliness. Written for children, Buddy and Marilyn is a fun, photographic picture book that will be enjoyed by kids of 'all ages'. Adults will enjoy, and relate, to the story with its underlying messages concerning friendship, overcoming fears, empathy and love.
About the authors:
Following their popular book; Dog Works, The Meaning and Magic of Canine Constructions (Ten Speed Press), Trudy Nicholson and Vicki Mathison have again joined forces to produce another beautiful, photographic, canine book. Between them they have 12 books in print with publishing houses worldwide.

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