5+ stars – Historical/Regency Romance

The Duke is such a beautiful, thoroughly romantic story.In fact, it’s pretty much the embodiment of why I’m an ardent romance reader.Because I just love being swept away in a moving, passionate story of two people who against all odds find deep, fulfilling, healing love and live out their happily ever after.Call me an overly sentimental sap...I don’t care...because love makes everything in this crazy merry-go-round of life worthwhile.And this charming, heartrending, sensual, sweet, emotional, romantic love story about the paragon Duke of Hawkscliffe who falls hard for beautiful courtesan Belinda, who’s façade of pride and strength masks painful secrets, might be a fairytale, but it’s an affecting reminder of why love continues to enchant and inspire us all.Big 5 stars from this devoted romance reader!

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