This new, 30th Anniversary Edition of A Taste of Russia has been revised and updated with a new Preface that considers the changes in Russian culinary culture since the original edition came out in 1983. Also included are a dozen delectable new recipes, such as Onion Dumplings, Horseradish Vodka, and Whipped Raspberry Mousse. In addition, the entire book has been totally redesigned with a fresh, modern presentation. A Taste of Russia is the de nitive modern cookbook on Russian cuisine, layering superbly researched recipes with informative essays on the dishes' rich historical and cultural contexts. With over 200 recipes on everything from borshch to bliny, from Salmon Coulibiac to Beef Stew with Rum, from Marinated Mushrooms to Walnut-honey Filled Pies, A Taste of Russia shows off the best that Russian cooking has to offer. Reviews of the Previous Edition: "Goldstein... manages to make Russian cuisine dance. It's hard to imagine anything that might have been left out of this delightfully comprehensive collection." — Publishers Weekly "It is not suprising that Goldstein, a Williams College professor who later founded the food studies journal Gastronomica, is particularly literary in her books on Russian and Georgian food, placing zakuska (grand appetizer buffets) and dacha (summer house) picnics alike in the context of Russia's great writers. But cerebral as she can be, her prose is rooted in hands-on kitchen advice: 'There are a few basic rules to follow in laying a zakuska table, not the least of which concerns the shape of the table itself. It should be oval or round and placed away from the wall, so that all foods are accessible to all guests at all times.'" —Slate Magazine "The imaginative range of the selection would be enlightening in itself even without the multitudinous snippets from Chekhov, Gogol and Oblomov. First rate." — Kirkus Reviews

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