The hidden truths of leadership bitter or sweet revealed like never before!

Great leaders are like icebergs. They conceal more than they reveal. Indeed, mystery, and the art of retaining it, is integral to leadership. Leadership, then, is more an art than a science. It is not a reality that you can touch, feel and measure, but an illusion that is created by many tricks, which you should be able to learn and practise in a way that others are not able to grasp.

The Secret Red Book of Leadership synthesizes the Machiavellian politics, wisdom of Chanakya and the modern principles of management to develop some fundamental principles of leadership, which keeps you ahead and ensures success in your life.

This book, written by a serving officer of Government, is an eye-opener for anybody who aspires to be a leader, at whatever level nation, community or a small social group; and in whatever sphere business, politics or administration.